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Hi!!! WeLcOmE tO My PaGe!! I HaVe nO idEa WhAt tHe HeLL Im dOiNg bUt iF U r ReAdiNg tHiS I gUeSs I HaVe DoNe SuMthiN riGhT!!!! LOL Hi tO aLL mY fRiEnDs aNd Hi tO aLL tHe PpL I dOnT KnOw aS weLL. HAvE fUn SeArChiNg ThiS pAgE {If ThErE iS AnYtHiNg oN iT LOL}

!!!!!CoOL LinKs!!!!!

Jacs page of wavs
LOts o' cool waves u can use as ICQ sound alerts etc.
CooL ScReEnSaVeRs!!! DoNt UsE ThE BoRiNg WiNdOwS OnEs
Search 4 lyrics
U cAn FiNd aLmoSt EveRy LyRic EvA wRiTTen oN tHiS siTe!
BigDave's Dancing Babies
I DuNNO 'bOuT U BuT tHiS BaBy FreAkS mE oUt!!!!!
Pittwater High School
LMAO!!! My CrAppY ScHooL!!
iF Y'aLL DoNt HaVe ICQ, weLL U ouTTa UsE tHiS LiNk AnD gEt iT! IT ROCKZ!!!!!
neons gesture links
IF yA HaVe VP tHiS pAge HaS sOmE CooL GeStUrEs!!
Abuse on request
LMAO!! IF u FeeL LiKe GeTTinG AbuSed, ViSiT tHiS siTe!
The cK Collection
CooL CaLviN KlEiN piCs And adS

dAnieLLe aka JaEa
ICQ # 13835634