Kate Moss coming 'atcha...
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Kate Moss coming 'atcha.....

WeLcOmE To MY KaTe MoSS PaGe! FeeL FrEE
To TaKe PicS[only 4 personal use] aNd EnjOy 
ExpoRinG my PagE. If ANyThiNg DoeSnt WorK 
oR U haVe SuggEsTioNs On hoW tO maKe ThiS 
SITe bEttA PLeAse ConTaCt mE...MY dEEts R At
The BottOm OF thE PagE Oh yEa AnD DoN'T U 
DaRe LeAvE HeRe W/O SiGnInG ThE 
GuEsTbOOk!!!! IT's PrACtiCaLLy EmPty AnD IT'LL 
oNLy tAkE 2 sEcs! HEY!!! I KnOw PpL R CoMiNg 
To My PAgE 'CaUse ThE CoUnTer keePs GoiNg 
Up BuT I sTiLL OnLy hAvE haRdLy EnTrIeS In ThE 
GueStbooK AnD ThEy R MoStLy FrOm mY CrAzY 
FrIeNdS (LOL Sorry guys). I nEEd To KnoW WhAt 
EvErYonE ELsE ThInkS So PLeAsE WriTe In it!! 
ThaNx =0) *~D~*

ThE OtHa PAgEs & LiNkS....

cK PicS!!!
InFo 'BoUt KaTe
QuoTeS FrOm KaTe
MoRe PiCs- B & W
MoRe PiCs-CoLouR
KaTe ANd HeR HaBiT
KaTe VoICinG Her OpInIoN....
KaTe AnD HeR FriEnDs
MoRe NaKey ********under construction********
AuToGrApHs ***new***
WhAt a MaGaZiNe HaS to SaY aBoUt KAte's "BuRnOUt"... ***new***

DaNieLLe Aka Jaea/ WiNk

ICQ# 13835634
sydney, Australia

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