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"What   made   Kate   Moss   crack?"

Here is what an Australian Magazine wrote about a
"Supermodel's Sad Burnout"............
Everything on this page is quoted.

" It's late at night in a west London restaurant and in 
a dark corner a young woman is confiding her problems
to a group of friends. She looks tired and distressed.
Half an hour later she slips away, a fragile figure
dressed in black with a floppy hat hiding her famed good 
looks. The nest day, she checks in to the exclusive and 
expensive Priory Clinic - under a false name - to be 
treated for nervous exhaustion."

"A month earlier, she had been confidently striding down 
a Milan catwalk, dressed in Verscae and wowing the 
audience with shocking pink hair. Fashion experts noticed 
her skin wasn't quite as glowing as usual or her smile quite 
as radiant, but few would have predicted that, within 
weeks, supermodel Kate Moss would have reached the 
end of her tether."

" 'I wasnt happy with the way my life was going,' says 
Kate from the clinic. 'I decided to step back and assess 
my life and future. I've been doing alot of hardwork and 
too much partying.'"

"The supermodel admits to having a 'bit of a problem' 
with alcohol but denies shes seeking help for drug use. 
The official line is that Kate is getting over a hectic few 
weeks of working hard and playing hard. But the truth may 
be much darker."

"At only 24, after having experienced more than many 
people do in a lifetime, Kate Moss has reached a turning 
point. With modelling losing its allure and an unhappy 
lovelife she is facing an uncertain future. 
'Kate is totally stung out' says a friend. 'She feels that for 
the past 10 years her feet haven't touched the ground.'
'She talked alot about how everybody thinks she has 
the perfect life, but sometimes all she wants is the normal 
things - nights in front of the TV, walking out into the 
street unnoticed, and having somebody there for her 
when she needs them.'

"Behind the scenes of her glamorous career though, 
all was not well. Kate had always harboured a dream 
of marriage and children. But Johnny was capricious 
and, at times, police had to be called to curb his notorious
 temper - he once trashed a New York hotel room with a 
terrified Kate inside."

"The couple split last year, with Kate left heartbroken. 
But in April she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival on 
Johnny's arm. Rumours of a reconciliation, however were 
swiftly dispelled when Johnny confirmed that the two of 
them were not together anymore.
'I didn't give her the attention I should have done,' she 
said only last week."

"Kate recently told friends she'd never been able to get 
over this relationship and many think it explains her manic 
Sarah Doukas, now one of Kate's closest friends, describes 
her as 'incredibly down to earth, incredibly normal and an 
incredibly sweet-natured girl,' who has remained relatively 
untouched by her fame.'

"Yet Kate herself admits to experimenting with drugs and 
is also the first to say she uses alcohol to relieve stress.
As a close friend reveals, the combination of failed 
relationships with and pressure to perform would drive 
anyone to drink and drugs."
'For the past 10 years, Kate has lived in a completely mad
world. Anyone in her situation needs some point of stability'
she says."

'And, although she is very close to her mother, Linda, Kate 
has always wanted a secure relationship. She thought she
 had it with Johnny, but he just took her on an emotional 
roller-coaster which has seriously affected her confidence 
and her psyche.'

"Another clue to the supermodel's increasing dejection 
could be found a few months ago when she commented 
that she felt like a commodity. 'When I look at a billboard 
of myself in Times Square, I dont see myself anymore, just
 an image of what someone is trying to advertise,' she said."

"She has tried to downsize her life, doing less modelling, 
trekking in India and renovating her new London house. 
But, as a friend who has known Kate since she was 16 
points out, she did not do it soon enough.

"At parties and at social gatherings, she's not always in 
good form, always joking and laughing. It's obvious that 
she has just let go so many bad things go over her head, 
and now she has come to the point where she just cant 
ignore them anymore."