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InFo   'BoUt   KaTe....

KaTeS StaTs.....

BiRtHdaY: 16th January, 1974

PlaCe Of BiRtH: Croydon, Surrey

NaTiOnAliTy: British however her 
citizenship is French

HaiR CoLouR: Varies, blond to 
brown usually

HeiGhT: 5' 7"

WeiGhT: NOt even gonna answer 
this one and anywayz who really 

StAtuS: SiNgLe

LoVe IntErEsts:Cant keep up w/ the 
on-again off-again relationship w/ 
Johnny. There are also unconfirmed 
rumours about other love interests
which Im not even going to mention..

MoDeLLinG AgEnCieS: 
* Women Model Management (US)
  107 Greene St.
  New York, NY 10012

* Storm (Gr. Britain)
  45 Marloes Rd.
  London W8 6LA

* Marilyn (France) 

CiGaReTTes: Marlboro Lights

LiVeS: England, NYC and Paris

MosT FamOuS FoR: Her controversial 
Calvin Klein campaigns

BaCkGroUnd InFo: Kate was 
discovered at the age of 14 at JFK 
airport by Sarah Doucas. Appearing 
on the cover of Face Magazine 
attracted alot of attention particularly 
Liz Tilberis who featured Kate in 
Harpers Bazaar. Calvin Klein then 
signed Kate and placed her on 
billboards all around the country
 sparking much controversy. Some 
were outraged at her "waif-like" 
figure and hailed her as a bad 
influence on the generation and 
generations to come. She was 
classes as a "fad", a soon to be 
out-lived phase in fashion however 
years later she is one of the most 
recognized supermodels in the world. 
Keep it up Kate... =0)