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QuOteS FrOm and AboUT KatE...

" I alWaYs USeD To GEt tEasEd FoR 
bEinG sO tHin. They UsEd To CaLL 
Me 'StICk IN BooTs'. It wAs WankErS"

"A LOT Of HOrribLE, UnFAiR, UntRue 
ThiNGs hAvE beeN sAid ABOut mE. 
I cAn onLy sy that thE BEst reVEngE
iS SuccEss."-kate

"AnD ThAt ThE MoRe ViSibLe thEy 
MaKe mE, ThE more InVisiblE i beComE"

"ThE buLLsHit tHey make uP In
THe prEss Is AfFeCtiNg My LifE.
I Was A ScApeGoAT For yEArS.
I gOt bLAMEd FoR lUnG cAnCeR. 
I DID!"-kate 

"I Am On My wAy OuT To DinnEr, To 
EaT A mAssIve SteAk AnD LoAdS OF
vERy FAttEnIng poTaToEs, With LoAdS
Of ButtEr"-kate
""SHe Is ThE NeW DeFinItIon Of ThE
WoRd elEgAnT- A KiNd Of frEd 
EstAiRe Of ThE 90's"-isaac mizrahi

"On ThE CatWalk sHe ImmEdIaTeLy
TraNsfoRms, As If ShEs On StAgE"
-dolce and gabbana 

"ShE HaS A StAr QuaLity BIggEr 
ThAn ThE OtHer MoDels"-marc jacobs

"ShE CreAtEs ThIS WoNDeRfUl 
VIbE ThAt INsPiRes EveRyonE. 
ShE Is the CataLySt"-john galliano

"If I WaS A FemAlE SuPErMoDeL 
I'd BE KatE MOss - so I coULD Be
CuTe AnD TiNY InStEad oF BiG 
AnD UgLy..." -marcus schenkenburg

"HeR StrenGth Is ThAt ShEs SaiD 
Nothing, ITs JusT HEr LOOk" 
-david hershkovits