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KaTe   VoiCinG   HeR   opiNiOn...

KAtE HAs BeeN BlaMeD FOr
ALMosT EveryThIng PossibLe. 
ThE MAiN CriTicm Of Kate 
tHough SEEMs tO bE THat 
ShE IS A bAD RoLE MOdel. 
HerE KATe VoiCEs HER opiNioN
OncE again ON A qUesTioN 
ThaT NEeDnt Be aSKEd In 
EverY IntErViEw. ThE PRess 
HAve TriEd eVerYtHinG TO 
BRinG hEr dOwN anD SHe 
HAS StiLL COme ouT On top.
DoNt u KnoW U CAnT bRinG
Her dOwn???
AnYwAyz HeRes WHAt She 
HAs To SaY......

"This lady from the American 
Cancer Association told the 
New York Daily News that I 
was a bad role model for 
teenage girls; and then I see 
it on TV, They're doing a 
show on it: 'Are these girls 
bad role models?' People 
like Sylvester Stallone or 
Arnold Schwarzenegger go 
through films killing hundreds 
of people and they turn 
around and call me a bad 
role model 'cause I smoke!"
"I juts do my job and the media
brings it people's attention that 
I'm a smoker; I mean, American
magazines dont show you with
a cigarette in your hand, so 
American teenagers can't see 
me smoking unless they see it in 
a paparazzi picture. So now it's in 
PLAYBOY - but how many 
teenage girls are reading 
PLAYBOY anyway? We, for some
reason, are expected to be role 
models, whereas rock 'n roll stars,
say, are allowed to be the way 
they are, and its fine if they want 
to do drugs or go off and smash
up a hotel room...." -kate,1997